Privacy Policy

The Ryozen Museum of History (“Museum”) is deeply aware of the importance of personal information and shall make utmost efforts to protect it in accordance with the following policy.

1.Compliance with laws and other rules related to personal information protection

The Museum shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, rules, and guidelines.

2.Development of the personal information protection management system and promotion of its continuous improvement

The Museum shall develop a personal information protection management system to properly protect personal information and promote its appropriate use as well as continuous improvement.

3.Collection, use, and provision of personal information

The Museum shall collect personal information by lawful and fair means. It shall first present the objective of the use of personal information and then use it within the scope of such objective. When using collected personal information outside of this scope, it shall do so after obtaining the consent of the relevant individual.
Except for cases where it is legally prescribed or the relevant individual’s consent has been obtained, the Museum shall not provide collected personal information to third parties.