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    Permanent exhibition

    In Kyoto, where both the supporters and opposers of the shogunate were active, valuable materials are always on display based on the idea of ​​understanding the history of the Bakumatsu Restoration from both perspectives.

    ■Konosuke Matsushita and Ryozen [newly displayed]
    We will exhibit valuable materials related to the establishment of the Ryozen Museum and Konosuke Matsushita (Panasonic founder), the first director of the museum.

    ■ Boshin War Picture Scroll / Shinsengumi soldier List
    All three volumes of the spectacular “Boshin War Record Picture Scroll” or three types of “Shinsengumi soldier List” will be exhibited alternately.

    ■ Permanent main exhibition on the 2nd floor
    Zone exhibitions are mainly focused on Ryoma Sakamoto and Shinsengumi / Shogunate.

    * On the 1st floor, “the Sword that killed Ryoma”, “Kondo Isami’s sword”, and “Hijikata Toshizo’s sword” are also exhibited, which is a representative collection of the museum.

  • Exhibition Current

    200th anniversary of the birth of Kaisyu Katsu “Kaisyu X Ryoma”

    Kaishu Katsu was a shogunate vassal of the Kaimei school, and it is no exaggeration to say that the encounter between Kaishu and Ryoma changed the history of the end of the Edo period.
    Ryoma was a Tosa samurai who had deserted his domain, but by becoming Kaishu’s disciple, he was able to meet top-notch people and engage in free-spirited activities.
    On the other hand, Kaishu led the peace conference of the Second Shogunate’s War, the “Itsukushima Talks,” and the bloodless surrender of Edo Castle with success, leaving achievements comparable to those of Ryoma.
    In this special exhibition, we will follow the footsteps of Kaishu and Ryoma.

    8th November, 2023 – 21st January, 2024

Introducing the Ryozen Museum of History, an institution dedicated to exploring the Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration

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