2021 Exhibitions

Summer Exhibition

Shibusawa Eiichi and Shinsengumi

Shibusawa Eiichi was a patriot in rich farmers.
However, Shibusawa served Tokugawa Yoshinobu in 1864.
And Shibusawa became a shogun’s retainer when Yoshinobu became a general.
It was a big turn that a patriot of the anti-Shogunate became a shogun’s retainer.
Shibusawa became the subordinates of the military magistrate.
And he worked in Kyoto.
Shibusawa met Kondo Isami of Shinsengumi in 1866.
He arrested Osawa Genjiro with Hijikata Toshizo.
The arrest went well, and Shibusawa appreciated Kondo and Hijikata.
We display documents such as Tokugawa Yoshinobu and Kondo Isami ,Hijikata Toshizo,Kido Takayoshi,Saigou Takamori connected with Shibusawa.

18 May, 2021 -12 September, 2021

Spring Exhibition

"Shibusawa Eiichi at the Bakumatsu Period"

Phase1 : Shibusawa Eiichi and Tokugawa Yoshinobu

Shibusawa Eiichi was engaged in 500 companies and establishment of 600 organizations. He is called “father of the modern Japanese capitalism”. In addition, he made an effort for social work.
Shibusawa was born as a child of the powerful farmer by The Bakumatsu Period.
He did fencing ascetic practices and became a patriot with a thought of “Nationalistic Imperialism”.
Shibusawa served Tokugawa Yoshinobu in 1864. And Shibusawa became a shogun’s retainer when Yoshinobu took office as a general. In 1867, he became the member of the Shogunate mission and went to France. Shibusawa knew the capitalism in France and was shocked. He was going to change the country by commerce.
We display the documents such as Tokugawa Yoshinobu and Kondo Isami, Hijikata Toshizo, Kido Takayoshi, Saigo Takamori, who were related to Shibusawa. 

March 2,2021 to May 16,2021

2020 Exhibitions

Kaientai and Shinsengumi

“Kaientai and Shinsengumi”

Sakamoto Ryoma formed Kameyama company to Nagasaki in 1865. The company traded for the settlement of Satsuma Domain and the Choshu Domain. Ryoma became a captain of Kaientai in 1867.
In 1863, a lordless samurai group of the Shogunate entered Kyoto. Part remained in Kyoto, and formed a new samurai group in Mibu. They were given the name of Shinsengumi by the Imperial Court for their work in the Coup of August 18.
They were very advanced groups. We display a document of Kaientai and Shinsengumi.

September 9,2020 to January 24,2021

Special Summer Exhibition

"The Shinsengumi and the Boshin War"

In June 1867, the Shinsengumi’s members were elevated to the status of direct vassals of the shogun. Soon thereafter the Bakufu collapsed and the Boshin War broke out. Yet the Shinsengumi remained loyal both to the Tokugawa clan and to Aizu Domain. Drawing primarily on the records of the Shinsengumi, this exhibition looks at the Battle of Toba-Fushimi and the Boshin War.

June 2,2020 to September 6,2020

Special Spring Exhibition

“Tokugawa Shogunate and Shinsengumi”

At the Bakumatsu period, Kyoto became a political center. In 1862 The Tokugawa Shogunate established “Kyoto Shugoshoku”, which means a guardian system in Kyoto. And the Shogunate appointed Matsudaira Katamori, the Lord of Aizu, to the position. Shinsengumi played an active part in the Ikedaya incident in 1864, and was promoted to the staff of the shogunate in 1867. In this exhibition, we will look at the history of the Tokugawa Shogunate seen from the Shogunate side, focusing on materials about the shogunate, Kyoto Shugoshoku, Shinsengumi, and the guard force in Kyoto.

January 29, 2020 to May 17, 2020

2019 Exhibitions

120 Years Since the Death of Katsu Kaishu“The People Around Sakamoto Ryoma and Katsu Kaishu”

120 Years Since the Death of Katsu Kaishu

“The People Around Sakamoto Ryoma and Katsu Kaishu”

In 2019, the 120th anniversary of the death of Katsu Kaishu is being remembered.
The exhibit features materials relating to Katsu Kaishu, who promoted the establishment of a modern Japanese Navy; Sakamoto Ryoma, who exerted himself to work for Katsu; and the people around them, as well as the Shinsen-gumi. They provide a real picture of the Last Days of Tokugawa Shogunate.

October 2, 2019 to January 26, 2020