Floor map

  • 1 Entrance hall

    Video presentation of the background and overview of the establishment of the Ryozen Museum of History.

  • 217 Special Exhibitions

    Thematic exhibitions that capture people and eras from new perspectives. Some of the exhibits include gems that cannot be seen in the regular exhibits.

  • 3 The sword believed to have been used to kill Sakamoto Ryoma.

    The sword which Kondo Isami and Hijikata Toshizo used.

  • 9 Permanent Exhibitions

    This exhibit focuses mainly on Sakamoto Ryoma-related and Shinsengumi/ Bakufu-related exhibits in zones.

  • 4 Konosuke Matsushita and Ryozen

    Exhibits valuable historical materials related to Konosuke Matsushita (founder of Panasonic), the first director of the museum, and the establishment of the Ryozen Foundation and the Ryozen Museum of History.

  • 56 Bakumatsu Restoration Corner

    Detailed explanations of events and political upheavals at the end of the Edo period.

  • 7 Electronic picture-story show

    Easy-to-understand explanations of people and incidents with images

  • 8 Bakumatsu Restoration

    Commentary Corner Explains major events of the Bakumatsu Restoration in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • 10 Photo Corner

    Please take pictures of your memories with your camera. Please refrain from taking pictures inside the museum except in the photo corner.

  • 11 Bakumatsu Chronology Corner

    This section provides illustrations of the birth and death dates of major figures in the Bakumatsu Restoration, their mentors and disciples, and the organization of the Bakufu.

  • 12 3D Pictorial Book

    The museum's valuable collection of artifacts can be viewed in detail in high-definition 4K quality.

  • 13 Experience of touch

    Visitors can touch guns, cannonballs, and wooden swords used at the end of the Edo period.

  • Model Diorama

    1416 Model Diorama

    Reproduce the Omiya Incident and Ikedaya Incident with models!

  • Large-Screen TV (HD DVD)

    15 Large Screen Video Corner

    Various programs produced by the museum are shown on a 103-inch large screen.

  • 18 Museum Shop

    A wide variety of goods available only at the History Museum, such as Ryoma and Shinsengumi postcards and straps. How about some as souvenirs?